Two flasks of equal volume connected by narrow tube(of negligible volume) are at 300K and contains 0.7 mole of H2(.35 mole in each flask) at 0.5 atm.One of the flask is then immersed in a bath kept at 400k while the other remains at 300K. Caculate the final pressure and the number of moles of H2 in each flask.

Joshi sir comment

by gas eq.  PV/nT = constant

so 0.5*2V/0.7*300 = PV/n1400 + PV/n2300        (1)

no. of moles are also constant

so 0.7 = n1 + n2

similarly by gas eq. 

PV = n1R400                      for first flask

PV = n2R300                      for second flask

now solve

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