At 752 mm Hg of total Pressure and 301 K Temperature 150 ml H2 is produced and collected over the water, when current is passed through acidic water for 1 hour. How many Amp. current should have passed? ( at 301 K temperature, The pressure of water is 28 mm Hg )

A) 0.320 A

B) 310 A

C) 321 A

D) 0.305 A

please mention correct answer.

Solution by Joshi sir.

by formula PV/T = constant

(752-28)*150/301 = 760*V/273

solve for V, this will be the equivalent volume at STP

now convert this volume in gm by the formula 2V/22400

then finally m = zit, where 

z = 1/96500

solve it for i

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