Q CH3COCH3 (g) eqm CH3CH3 +CO

  initial pressure of CH3COCH is 300 mm when eqm is setup mole fraction of CO(g) = 1/6 hence total pressure will be =?

ANS 360mm of hg .SOL =?

Joshi sir comment

At equilibrium mole fraction of CO = 1/6, that of CH3CH= 1/6

so mole fraction of CH3COCH3  = 1- 1/6 - 1/6 = 2/3

let the total pressure at equilibrium = p

so pressure of CH3CH3 and CO will be p/6 and p/6

and that of CH3COCH= 2p/3 

now consider the following dissociation data

CH3COCH3 ----> CH3CH3 + CO

300 mm                        0                      0                            at starting

300-x  mm                    x                       x                            at  equilibrium 

here x = p/6  (1)  and 300-x = 2p/3   (2)                                         add these equations and get the value of p

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