I need to update my pan card details now. It is getting some details as wrong. And i need to apply the passport. So the pan card details should be accurate and correct manner. It is very important for getting the passport without any issues. My friend is getting date of birth as wrong in pan card. He cannot get their passport and their application getting rejected. Why the pan card is important for applying passport? I have given all types of original information and documents for applying that. it is needed my original signature and photo. It is compare with pan card and checking for all types of submitted details.

Now i need to edit my details in pan card. What are the procedures and issues are available for that? I have submitted information already. I need to change my address and photo also. My old phone number is missing. Is any verification is possible with that number at the time of making changes? What are the reasons for taken mistakes in pan card? What is students pan card? I have checked the application for applying student pan card. But no one website is not getting that option. How to collect that and what are the required papers to attach.

My uncle son is studying +2. He is also working part-time job. Need to save their income from bank. So he wants to applying students pan card. Please friend tells me the ways and steps here. I have shared the details to him. And also tell me the update my details in pan card. What are the different types of pan card are available in India. What are the qualities are applicable for applying new pan card. What are the documents are needed to send with pan card application for editing the details?

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