two flasks A and Bcontain helium and hydrogen gases at 270C and 1 atm pressure. If volume of each vessel is 2L then flask B contains....

(1) The same number of atoms as in B , (2) same weight of gasas in B , (3) dubble the number of atoms asin  A  (4)half of the  number of atoms in A , ?

Joshi sir comment

answer by nikhil is correct 

in his answer Na represents avagadro number not sodium

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 by the ideal gas eqn PV=nRT we get  number of moles of H2 = nu of moles of He 

in n moles of H2 there are  n * 2 Na atoms ( A flask)

while in n moles of He there are  n* Na atoms ( B flask )

so correct option is 4

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