Irodov 1.2 Q61 

two touching bars 1 and 2 are placed inclined plane forming an angle alpha with horizontal the masses of the bars are equal to M1 and M2 and the coefficient of friction between the inclined plane and these bars are equal to K1K2 respectively with the k1>k2 . find
a) the force of interaction of the bars in the process of motion 

b) the minimum value of the angle alpha at which the bars start sliding down


my doubt; 

if I consider them to be 1 mass system , then what would happen to the resultant friction coefficient of the 1 mass system , would it be k1 + k2 ?

thank you

Joshi sir comment

Why do you want to consider this, I do not know, yet if you consider them as a body and make free body diagram then apply friction on the two blocks separately, in one it depends on k1 and in second it depends on k2. No concept of k1 + k2 is there in physics 

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