using the transformation x=r cosθ and y=r sinθ,find the singular solutionof the differential equation x+py=(x-y)(p2+1)½           where p=dy/dx

Answer Strategies and trick by Manish sir (it will help you to solve it by yourself)

x=rcosθ and y=rsinθ

so dx=-rsinθdθ  and dy = rcosθdθ

so p = -cotθ

so given eq. will become x-cotθy = (x-y)cosecθ 

on putting values of x and y we get 

0 = r(cosθ-sinθ)/sinθ

so tanθ = 1  so θ = nπ+π/4

so x = rcos(nπ+π/4) and y = rsin(nπ+π/4)

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