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IITBRAIN means an encyclopaedia of talent. Here we try to sharp the brain of our students so that they could crack the exams like IIT. Don’t get confused by the name. You should remember that we are saying like IIT, it means IIT is only an example. We provide full support to the students who are preparing for JEE mains, Medical entrance examinations, engineering entrance examinations, intermediate board examinations, Olympiads etc.

IITBRAIN is a platform for those students, who can’t afford high fee institution. This is a platform for removing your doubts about difficult questions. This is a type of internet tutorial to give students a proper guidance for their entrance examination.

Here students can get tricks and short-cuts to find the solution of a problem in less time. Everyone can ask questions to get the best answer/answers as soon as possible. If you are not able to afford the high fees then join us. Give us unsolved questions and get solved by our team.

IITBRAIN is trying to make education parallel for all to create the equal competition for all participants.

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