2 - Area bounded region, volume, surface area and are length Questions Answers

In a class of 78 students 41 are taking French, 22 are taking German. Of the students taking French or German, 9 are taking both courses. How many students are not enrolled in either course?                                                                                                                                                                                                            A. 6
B. 15
C. 24
D. 33
E. 54

Asked By: RAJENDRA J LAVANTRA 6 year ago
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Find area of region bounded by the curve y=[sinx+cosx] between x=0 to x=2p.

Asked By: KAMAL 7 year ago
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Answer Strategies and trick by Manish sir (it will help you to solve it by yourself)


[sinx + cosx] = [√2 sin{x+(π/4)}]    here [ ] is greatest integer function

its value in different interval are

1       for 0 to π/2

0       for π/2 to 3π/4

-1        for 3π/4 to π

-2     for π to 3π/2

-1     for 3π/2 to 7π/4

0      for 7π/4 to 2π

now solve

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