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There are 8 distinct boxes and each box can hold any number of balls. A child having 4 identical balls randomly choose four boxes. Then another child having four balls, identical to the previous mentioned, again puts one ball in each of the arbitrary chosen four boxes. The probability that there are balls in at least 6 boxes is


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Is there a way to do this in terms of area in a coordinate plane. Where difference of larger and smaller can be difference in x coordinate for 1st player and difference in y coordinate for 2nd player
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Probability to get following differences  difference     probability 0                   6/36 1                 10/36 2                   8/36 3                   6/36 4                   4/36 5                   2/36 So required probability =1-2636436+236+1036236 now solve problem is based on integral values so area is not very useful

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A housewife buys a dozen eggs of which two turn out to be bad. She chooses four eggs for breakfast. Find thd chance that she chooses (1) all good eggs (2)three good and one bad (3)two good and two bad (4)at least one bad egg.
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1)   (10/12)(9/11)(8/10)(7/9)

2)   4(10/12)(9/11)(8/10)(2/9)

3)   (4*3/2)(10/12)(9/11)(2/10)(1/9)

4)   1 - (10/12)(9/11)(8/10)(7/9)

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