3 - Logic Gates Questions Answers

A body is dropped from a certain height it covers three-height in last second from what height was it dropped
Asked By: SAYALI NARKHEDE 4 year ago
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A body moving with a speed of 40m/s reaches a point and comes back to the same point from where it started with a speed of 50m/s.find the average speed?

Asked By: DENNIS JOHN CALVYN 4 year ago
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when we throw a shotput ball it covers a very less distance and when we throw a rubber ball it covers a larger distance.

the reason behind this well known to everyone that the shotput ball has more mass as compared to the rubber ball.

But when throw a paper ball it covers the least diatance  why?

Asked By: SANTANU VERMA 6 year ago
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Answer Strategies and trick by Manish sir (it will help you to solve it by yourself)

for this motion 0-R = ma 

so retardation = R/m

for less mass retardation will be more

in the case of shotput

mu + impulse given = mv

so v = u + {impulsegiven/m}

so more mass will gain less velocity in comparison to less mass on applying same impulse.


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