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Submit By: MANISH SIR 6 year ago
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Two blocks of masses m1, and m2 connected by a light vertical spring of stiffness k, m2 kept on a smooth horizontal surface . What should be the initial compression of the spring so that the system will be about to break off the surface, after releasing the block m1?  

Asked By: RAJARSI HOMROY 3 year ago
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a small ball of mass 1kg and a charge 2/3 uC is placed at the center of a uniformly charged sphere of radius 1m and charge 1/3 mC. a narrow smooth horizontal groove is made in the sphere from centre to surface as shown in figure. the sphere is made to rotate about its vertical diameter at a constant rate of 1/2pi revolutions per second. find the spedd w.r.t ground with which the ball slide out from the groove. neglect any magnetic force acting on ball?

Asked By: RATNAM GANGULA 3 year ago
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The energy in ev possessed by a neon atom at 27°c is
Asked By: DIPENDER SINGH 3 year ago
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A body is projected with a certain kinetic energy,has a horizontal range R. The kinetic energy of particle will be minimum at a horizontal distance _______ (Plz give answer as fast as possible plzzz)
Asked By: YASH 3 year ago
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A meter stick held vertically with one end on the floor and is allowed to fall. The speed of the other end when it hits the floor assuming that the end at the floor does not slip is ?


Asked By: SHARMILA BISWAL 3 year ago
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sir iit jee k ek question me sHM me spring pe ek point amplitude puchha he lekin amplitude ka mtlb mean position se extrem ki bich ki distance or mean position vo jha net force 0 ho lekin us point pr to hmesha hi net force zero he.

Asked By: PRANSHU MEHTA 3 year ago
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(Irodov). A particle moves along the x axis according to the law x
= a cos wt. Find the distance that the particle covers during the
time interval from t = 0 to t.

Asked By: GEOVANE NAYSINGER 3 year ago
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This question has Statement-I and Statement-II. Of the four choices given after the statements, choose the one that best describes the statements. Statement 1: Higher the range, greater is the resistance of ammeter. Statement 2: To increase range of ammeter, additional shunt needs to be used across it.
Asked By: SUJET SINGH 3 year ago
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the Q factor of a sonometer wire is 2 x 10³ . on plucking it makes 240 vibrations per second. calculate the time in which amplitude decrease to half the initial value.

Asked By: SATISH 4 year ago
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Physics >> Mechanics part 1 >> Kinematics Medical Exam

a car from rest and moves with constant acceleration.the ratio of distance covered by the car in nth second to that covered in n seconds is

Asked By: YOGESH BHATT 4 year ago
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